Wednesday, September 23, 2009


WOW! So much has been happening the past few months since I moved to our new base. We're fortunate enough to be at Andrews AFB in Maryland....literally right down the street from nifty neighbors like the president and Congress, just to name a few ;)

Bubba and I are in the process of making some major decisions for our little family. We're hoping that this round of infertility treatments works. It will be our first real try with the Clomid. We've also decided to pursue adoption and are looking at the Ukraine (international), Barker Foundation (domestic newborn) as well as the Maryland State Foster-Adoption program through our county social services. We are also exploring me becoming a SAHW/M. So, I guess Operation: Mini-Chaux is in full effect! :)

Hope to keep up more often! I miss posting here, so expect it more often especially if I will be at home fulltime! LOL

Off to crochet some fun things and clean some house! Lots of adventures en la casa de Bubba y Fochaux ;)

<3 M

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